I was delighted to find that people from different countries, of different races and different ethnicities, of different jobs and different ages, could all be united by our love of language and writing. Together, we aim to bring something new to this world. We aim to unite people from all around the world together, to show people the lives others have led, and to make people proud of their countries and cultures.

One day, I found a thread asking for volunteers to help write a short story collection from all over the world. Now, that was interesting. Intrigued, I signed up…

I was 13 when I first joined the Magic Diary. It was the middle of my summer vacation, and, having more spare time than I wanted, I decided to join an online English writing course, to improve my writing skills and to have a bit of fun. When that didn’t occupy the endless hours I had, I started scrolling through the forums and threads of the course, sometimes posting a comment or answering a question. One day, I found a thread asking for volunteers to help write a short story collection from all over the world. Now, that was interesting. Intrigued, I signed up. Within days, I was swept up by the current that soon became a tidal wave, gathering fellow writers from all over the world, each of us contributing our own stories and experiences to launch this project onwards.

Taiwan is an island off the east coast of China, with an area of approximately 36,000 squared kilometers. Despite its small size, it is a country filled with culture. Taiwanese food is well known in Asia as purely sumptuous. After all, it’s where bubble tea was invented and popularized! Since Taiwan is surrounded but the ocean, seafood is also essential to our cuisine. Taiwan is famed for its night markets, lively places where you can buy every kind of snacks and drinks you can imagine. Night markets are usually closed in the day, but by dinner time, they are bustling with people, Taiwanese or visitors eager to get a taste of Taiwanese life.

Located in the downtown Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is the world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2009: the Taipei 101. Standing anywhere in Taipei, you would be able to see the Taipei 101 looming over the city like a guardian. Every New Year’s Eve, fireworks launch from the top and and the whole tower lights up in a blaze of colors. People gather around to count down the seconds until the next year, and together we celebrate the arrival of a new coming year.

Reina Wang is from Taipei, Taiwan. As a 13-year-old girl, writing is her greatest pursuit. She seeks perfection at all times out of her writing, and she work tirelessly for her ambition. Her mind is fueled by creative imagination, found in every bit of scientific knowledge that provides her with inspiration and imaginative thinking. Loving the excitement of writing, Reina was the editor-in- chief of her middle school newspaper and yearbook. With her work, she seeks to reach the kind of value she pursues as an aspiring writer.

In A Sailor, a Crab, and a New Life, Reina sets her story in 1947/8 after the Japanese occupation and deals with the separation of a fisherman from his family and his loss of material goods and family on the mainland.

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