Mane Mehrabian is an English teacher in Armenia. Teaching is her calling. It is in her blood. She is a specialized teacher of English and German languages. She volunteers to conduct English clubs for teenagers. She is constantly taking training courses. The ongoing process of learning is what provides the fresh insights that inspire her teaching. “Live and learn” is her motto.

In An Orange Sunshine above the Horizon, Mane discusses the treatment of a captured soldier, who longs to return to his homeland.

Ani Sargsyan is sixteen years old. She is a student learning in 11th grade. Growing up Ani has always loved writing. It is a way for her to express herself and to put her feelings onto paper. When she isn’t jotting down her ideas in her notebook, you can find her doing art. She loves to paint with watercolors and admires how the tones find their way onto the blank canvas. Ani hopes to achieve many things in her life, something she’s doing step by step.

Ani’s A New Beginning  exposes the quest of a young girl to put her life together after the genocide and learn to be strong while expressing her loss through weaving the Armenian Orphan Rug.

3 thoughts on “Mane’s and Ani’s moving, heartfelt stories from Armenia

  1. Thank you for providing the video introduction, both tales sound are very interesting and personal. I’ll look forward to reading them in The Magic Diary. This is a beautiful collaborative project.


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