I read and critiqued many stories from our book, “A Pocketful of Dreams,” but this one, in particular, left a lasting impression on me. This quick read of around 15-20 minutes left me feeling giddy and excited to turn every page that followed. The ending will leave you wanting more. Thank you to José from the Dominican Republic for sharing this engaging story with us!

-D.P. LeBlanc



José Rafael Núñez Collado was born and raised in a small town in the central mountains of the Dominican Republic. However, the fact that most of his immediate family and siblings lived in New York allowed him to grow with a bigger world vision. He went to Architecture School in the best university in the Dominican Republic and also studied a year at the University of Arkansas in the US. Currently, he is pursuing his Masters in Environmental Engineering in Taipei, Taiwan. He can speak Spanish, English, and some Chinese and enjoys reading the classics and about education, arts, and architecture. If he had to define himself in one word it will be “passionate.”

You can read the rest of this short story as well as 15 more from the Americas and Australia in three weeks when we launch our book on Amazon!

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