One of the overreaching themes in our first volume is the value of cross-cultural experiences. Having moved from Colombia to Panama at a young age, Lorena Pulido not only describes her own cross-cultural experience in her short story “Heart of the Universe,” but also here where she elaborates on the impact of such connections.

I believe that cross-cultural experiences are one of many ways to make the world a better place. It opens doors to the exchange of different perspectives and cultures, promoting zero boundaries between countries and facilitating communication among people. This, in turn, can lead to better business and social environments in a respectful and ethical manner. Therefore, cross-cultural experiences are the input needed to transform common citizens into global citizens, change makers, and leaders.

Cross-cultural experiences encourage cultural training and adaptability because individuals are exposed to new situations and people. For example, people that have the opportunity to share with foreign communities and their culture, embrace diversity. As a result, cross-cultural experiences are an excellent way to improve people ́s behavior and attitude toward others, by developing skills that include openness to new challenges, inquisitiveness, and tolerance towards different values.

The more people benefit from cross-cultural experiences the more humane our world becomes. Cross-cultural experiences can change the world by allowing communication in a safe, nurturing environment, promoting diversity of opinions, new friendships, and respect for other heritages all while meeting personal challenges that build character, encourage confidence, build trust, and motivate teams to reach their highest potential. Moreover, cross-cultural experiences promote the exchange of knowledge and can lead to better learning environments. Thus, multicultural experiences open doors to learning in a fun way about other cultures. I believe it is the key to personal and professional success because it allows cultivating new perspectives and ideas.

Lorena’s short story appears in Volume 1 of “A Pocketful of Dreams”:

(Kindly note the following errors. Lorena Pulido  writes about a girl who moves from Colombia to Panama.)


More stories on the same theme of cross-cultural experiences (click on each for a preview):

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Find these and twelve more stories from the Americas and Australia in Volume 1 and let us take YOU on your next cross-cultural adventure!

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