Pat Southern-Pearce is not just anybody. A product of Burnley & Leeds Schools of Art, Pat had been associated with the University of Cumbria as its faculty for many years, and is recognized as an eminently illustrious artist of her time.

She is also one of the magical connections that were to radically transform the fate of ‘A Pocketful of Dreams,’ in late 2015.


A lot of things changed with the arrival of Pat Southern-Pearce, in late 2015. Another of Lorinna Hastings’ priceless finds, from her network of artists and writer friends, for the Magic Diary Family, Pat’s inclusion transformed the basic ethos of the  ‘A Pocketful of Dreams’

Pat is the jewel in our crown, considering one of the strengths of this anthology is her illustrations.  Pat’s extraordinary cityscapes are an added dimension to A Pocketful of Dreams, imbuing the collection with a rich patina of magic with a timeless quality. It is something the worst of our critics haven’t failed to notice and write about in raving terms.

When we stumbled upon Pat’s work in late 2015, we naturally felt like Alibaba, discovering a treasure trove, in a hidden cave. One of the unique elements of Pat’s work that attracted us immediately was her handwritten notes on the sketches. Pat has been maintaining picture journals for sometime, a collector’s item, and it resonated well with our Magic Diary concept. Pat also preferred to work from life, be it a vase of flowers, a landscape, or a group of buildings. This sense of ‘being there’ as she calls it, is exactly what the Magic Diary called for too.

Pat did not know us at all when she met us. She had come to offer one of her picture stories for the anthology. But when she realized this book could benefit with a few more images from her, she readily opened her entire collection, not only for our book, but also for all our  promotional requirement. She even offered to create a cover,  especially for us.

We were more than touched by her gesture. Her offering was embraced with deep gratitude, and it became a turning point for us. We decided the only way forward would be to share its blessings with one and all.  Our venture became a non-profit initiative, targeted to build bridges across the world, thereafter, and Pat’s rare, loving selfless generosity became the hallmark of the Magic Diary.

To have a glimpse of Pat’s legacy, which is not just are art but also her heart, please download the Promo Copy.  Don’t miss Pat’s Flickr page and her Facebook page. 

Unfortunately, for the Kindle eBook, with all its restrictions,  it has not been possible to add all the layered picture elements we wanted to. We have reserved it for the print edition, something we are all looking forward to.

We are giving out this first volume as a free promo copy and urging you to spread the word about this movement we started long ago. If some of you still choose to buy it from Amazon to help the cause, the proceeds shall go to promote literacy. But meanwhile, just spread the word and leave your feedback here.

3 thoughts on “How the brilliant artist, Pat Southern-Pearce, turned the fate of the Magic Diary

  1. I bought the Kindle version because of Pat’s amazing artwork. I am happy to donate, but you should point that out to those of us that are buying it because of the illustrations. Now, how do I get a copy with her drawings?


    1. To all those who are buying this book for Pat’s artwork we would like to inform that this is a non-profit initiative comprising 50 artists and writers and the diary is a collection of stories first. It is a project that aims to build bridges through stories…and that includes picture stories too. This is not an organisation, just a group of like-minded people who got together to create a globally attractive book, the proceeds of which they want to give to charity.Thank you for your support.


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