An incredible moment for all of us at the Magic Diary family! A humble initiative that started with a group of writing enthusiasts, wanting to contribute to an anthology of short stories, is gaining momentum and transforming into a movement,  before our very eyes —  the magic of this project unfolding itself in unbelievable ways…

Here it is…unbelievable, right? Our first major press coverage, in faraway France…


It was a wonderful, creative adventure to begin with. Our initial goal was to lend voice to the ordinary storytellers across the globe, to help them find a purpose in their life by building bridges across borders.

We spent nearly a year perfecting our art, writing and re-writing every story to the best of our abilities. We really enjoyed the process. The intense interaction helped us grow as writers and fellow humans with greater empathy for one and all.

With the induction of veteran writers and artists,  this initiative got its first huge leg-up. We stretched our dreams and ensured we do not throw away the blessings coming our way. We decided to create a book worth publishing and to donate all proceeds to charity, grateful for the energy the project was already attracting.

More planning and hard work followed but there were setbacks galore. Our initial manuscript didn’t find a single publisher even though most agreed the idea was  quite unique…”but how many people will really be interested in buying this book?”  The algorithm of business did not fit the dream but we were not ready to give up yet.

“Why don’t we start a blog and give away our stories?” David Larkin suggested. The blog was an attractive idea, but to give away the stories would be to  undermine our dream to help a larger cause. We were not ready to do that. We wanted to find other ways and means to achieve our goal.

“Let’s self publish,” was the unanimous decision. “Let’s use the Amazon and reach out to everyone in the globe.”

Lorinna Hastings took the first tentative steps to publicize this project. Her radio interviews were well received. Soon Tim Wilson, the honorable Australian MP and former Human Rights Commissioner sent us our first letter of endorsement. It was a big moment for us to be recognized by such a stalwart and an absolute honour to have a lawmaker activist, lend us his voice…

We had faith that our combined force of selfless positive energy was bound to create some magic someday;  but to witness it unfold itself so beautifully is an inexplicable experience.

Team member, novelist James Vance’s  efforts have started a new ripple. We are riding the crest of a big wave of magic right now…we are deliriously happy, but more than anything we are grateful…grateful to be the vehicle of change, with a pocketful of dreams for a better tomorrow…

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