One important question that we asked ourselves, when we set out to design the Magic Diary project was if our goal was to just build bridges across the globe through storytelling. That was the main agenda alright, but that could not be the overarching mission. It was only means to an end.

We wanted to spread some genuine camaraderie, a feeling of well-being, and and a lot of happiness. And how could we possibly achieve that? We were scattered all over the world, from different time zones, barely ever talking to each other. But if there was one thing that we shared with each other was our fascination for food.  That is when we came up with the idea of a recipe book….a gift of love from the storytellers’ homelands.

Food is happiness, and we wanted to share a slice of that happiness with all our readers…

Come, try the recipe, taste the world…

A Pocketful of Recipes- from a travelling diary and some storytellers

Our readers can share this  link freely on their page throughout the festive season spring is ushering in. Let’s spread some happiness around…

If you want to know more about us, join the Magic Diary webpage.

Grab the promo copy of A Pocketful of Dreams Vol-I  (The Americas& Australia) and buy it if you are well-wisher. Ours is a non-profit initiative and your contribution, apart from encouraging us, will go towards promoting literacy.

Know what inspired the project and how we perceive this initiative.

Coming soon A Pocketful of Dreams Vol-II ( Europe & Africa) In April.

Eager to have your feedback. Do write to us:

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