We are extremely excited to announce that A Pocketful of Dreams: vol. II, Europe and Africa is being released on 22 April.

Eighteen storytellers from UK, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Armenia, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Iran, Morocco, Mauritius, Egypt, and Zambia are sharing intriguing stories of drama, dreams, and hope.

Volume II includes  illustrations  by the eminent artist Pat Southern-Pearce from UK.

This collection is also proud to have a much-published author James R. Vance from France, famous for his mystery trilogy, Animal Instinct, Killer Butterfly and The Courier.

We also have published author and actor Chandru Bhojwani from London, UK,  originally from Nigeria. Chandru is known for his novel The Journey of Om and the book Love, that Shit.

Amanda Edmiston from Scotland, who has written and told stories for The Scottish Ballet, Edinburgh International Science festival and the National Museum of Rural life, has also contributed to this anthology.

Our youngest author is globetrotter Zara Klass from Belgium, who is only ten years old, but has already published her first book as part of a school project. Another talented young writer amidst us is seventeen-year old Ani Sargsyan from Armenia.

A prolific writer from Ireland,  Freya Watson  draws upon experience as a child growing up in 1970s Ireland — a country transitioning into a modern society but losing the richness of its native culture and folklore.

From Denmark,  another brilliant writer, Vibeke Mouridsen  lets you into the life of a young fashion blogger with no money. Also from Denmark Helle S. Pollas’s fictional account around a cheese maker, has been translated into English for this anthology.

From Russia, Nella Vladi, a techy, gives her impressions of autumn, painting a word picture of this beautiful season that inspired her to write a love letter once.

From Armenia, Mane Mehrabyan, a school teacher, narrates the story of a captured soldier, who longs to return to his homeland.

From Romania, Cristina Costea, a professional,  postulates that we are all ‘Starstuff’ and that every atom in our body came from there, from the burning core of those magnificent lights above us.

From Hungary, Dr Diane Dobry, a professor, reconnects with her Hungarian heritage in a New Year’s stroll down the streets of Buda and Pest, a moment that changed her life forever.

From Italy, Jane Nyhan,  a travel guide, tells her true  life story when as young woman she leaves Baltimore for Florence and how that small adventure changes her life.

From Morocco, Mimoun Zeggai, a school teacher,  relates a heartbreaking journey between dream and reality.

From Zambia, Peter M. Chikoyi, another school teacher, narrates the consequences of child marriage, displacement, and fear. The story is about the child’s journey to Spain to find the only person who had treated her kindly.

From Egypt, Eman Abd Allah, a flight attendant,  paints the melancholic tale of a Palestinian girl who is killed at the Syrian-Turkish borders. The story depicts the sufferings of Palestinian refugees in Syria after the Syrian civil war.

From Mauritius, Geetisha Shibchurn, a student,  gives a fictional account of a life of an unloved child.

From Iran, Meghdad Arabi, an engineer, relates the difficulties set of when a man remarries; a chain of reaction between his daughters, tribal values, and expectations.

The journey of The Magic Diary project has been curated and designed by journalist and editor Jayalasksmi Sengupta from New Delhi, India.

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The Magic Diary wishes you a happy Easter.

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