Foto_sVibeke Mouridsen comes from the rainy but also very beautiful country Denmark at the bottom of Scandinavia in Northern Europe. You may never have heard of Denmark, but you might know some famous Danish writers and poets like Soren Kirkegaard and H.C. Andersen and his fairy tale The Little Mermaid. In fact, H.C. Andersen and fairy tales have been a big inspiration for Vibeke to become a writer.

H.C. Andersen loved to travel, and he loved it so much that he had a saying “to travel is to live”, but he wasn’t the first Dane to cross the borders. A thousand years before the Vikings rowed across the North Sea in wooden ships to loot the inhabitants of England and Scotland. Some of the Vikings settled in the new country and introduced traditions from home.

Now, what have the brutal Vikings got to do with the Magic Diary? When I sent in my recipe for an Apple Cake for our cookbook, A Pocketful of Recipes, I was very surprised to hear that the same recipe also came in from Scotland. The Danish recipe was invented around 1850, and the Danes might have brought the recipe to Scotland, but I suspect that it might as well have been the other way around.

Jelling Orm viking ship
The Vikings crossed the North Sea in fast long boats like the Jelling Orm, one of very few that exist today.

Anyway, this is proof that relations made hundreds of years ago can continue to exist, and though we come from different parts of the world, we share similarities and find love in the same things.

But not only Danes seeks new adventures, so did the Magic Diary. Not in a violent possessive way like the Vikings, and not by any known vehicle, but with love it traveled throughout the globe over the internet, and one day it came to Denmark.

It all started last summer when I saw a tweet about an online course for writers held by a writer from the USA. Like H.C. Andersen said, “to travel is to live”, I say “to learn is to live”, so I figured I could use the course and jumped in.

From the very start, I made friends with kind and interesting people. One of these was the Australian writer and painter Lorinne Hastings, the author of A Studio in Paris in A Pocketful of Dreams volume I, who introduced me to The Magic Diary concept.

What I particularly liked about the project was the intention of creating intercultural understanding through the magic of storytelling, because knowledge and education are the most important paths to peace on earth. And thanks to the Magic Diary project I have made new friends with people from places, I have never been to and not even heard of.

You can read Vibeke’s story, One Thousand Followers, in A Pocketful of Dreams vol. II Europe and Africa.

In One Thousand Followers, Vibeke lets you into the life of a young fashion blogger with no money. She struggles with gaining fame online, but then there’s new update to Facebook. The shallowness of our modern life striving for 15 minutes of fame and being a viral success on the internet is the inspiration for this unusual story.

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