Moscow has many faces

In this post a lone wolf from Russia reveals the many faces of Moscow.

Romania’s Cristina Costea talks about “Beyond the Night Sky”

You have already met Cristina Costea from Romania. Romanians are known for their vivid imagination and intense spirituality, which they have expressed through their architecture, music, crafts, and traditions. Cristina is from that breed, intense but soft spoken.

Mane’s and Ani’s moving, heartfelt stories from Armenia

These two beautiful people, Mane Mehrabian and Ani Sargsyan, are from distant Armenia. Armenia is the smallest of the former Soviet republics. It is bounded by Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, Iran on the south, and Turkey on the west.

Panama’s Lorena Pulido on cross-cultural experiences

One of the overreaching themes in our first volume is the value of cross-cultural experiences. Having moved from Colombia to Panama at a young age, Lorena Pulido not only describes her own cross-cultural experience in her short story “Heart of the Universe,” but also here where she elaborates on the impact of such connections. I … Continue reading Panama’s Lorena Pulido on cross-cultural experiences

Praise for our book, from the Duke University prof. Dr Denise Comer

Three days after our book launched worldwide on Amazon, Professor Comer sent us a heartwarming message in praise of our work. In the summer of 2015, her course English Composition I, delivered on the massive online education platform Coursera, brought writers from all reaches of the globe with the sole goal of improving their writing. … Continue reading Praise for our book, from the Duke University prof. Dr Denise Comer

Press Release: The Magic Diary Initiative launches its new eBook

The Magic Diary Initiative, a unique collaborative movement in unifying people across all boundaries, launched the first of its volumes of A Pocketful Dreams: a travelling diary and some storytellers, from America & Australia, on 14 February worldwide on Amazon as a Kindle eBook.

Why Jaya Sengupta from India was inspired to initiate the Magic Diary Project

The it all began...